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Digestion products at a glance

Highest performance and reliability in Kjeldahl and reflux digestion

There are three distinct technologies applied to provide the required speed, flexibility, automation and regulatory compliance. IR digesters are unbeatable in terms of speed and flexibility, but cut back in automation, the key feature of block digesters. The Wet Digester is exclusively designed for sulfated ash determination.

SpeedDigester K-439 for H2O2 digestion

A revolution in sample digestion

The SpeedDigester K-439 is the only IR digester that has an integrated temperature sensor, so that digestion at exact temperatures is achievable.

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SpeedDigester K-436 with 300 mL sample tubes

The entry level IR-Digester

On these two systems the heating level is adjusted using continuous controls. Digestion of up to twelve
(K-436) or six samples (K-425) in parallel.

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KjelDigester K-446/K-449

KjelDigester K-449

More samples per day

The KjelDigester offers fast and safe digestion of up to 20 samples simultaneously.

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Wet Digester B-440


Multi-purpose pre-incineration unit for ash determination

Ecological preincineration for ash and sulfated ash determination.

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Scrubber K-415

Four steps to occupational safety

During the digestion process, acid fumes and reaction gases may emerge. The Scrubber is connected to the digestion system for neutralizing acid fumes and adsorbing unpleasant odors.

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