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KjelSampler K-376 / K-377

KjelSampler K-377

Increased productivity in steam distillation

The KjelSampler K-376 or K-377 in combination with the KjelMaster K-375 meets upmost demands in high throughput Kjeldahl determination. Along with a maximum degree of automation the system is enhanced by its flexibility.

Your most important benefits


KjelMaster K-375
  • Optimal semi-continuous batch workflow with two independent rack trays of the K-377
  • Perfect process integration of all steps from digestion to automated sampling
  • Save time by integrated tube cleaning
  • Full automation due to programming and linkage of sequence steps via KjelMaster K-375





KjelMaster K-375
  • Installation of the instrument on a regular lab bench without furniture modification
  • High priority samples are privileged by means of the “express rack”
  • Switch between automatic and manual operation at any time
  • All sizes of BUCHI sample tubes can be processed
  • Fully unattended operation of 24 (K-376) or 48 (K-377) samples



Convenient and safe

KjelMaster K-375
  • Automated handling of reagents avoids contact with chemicals
  • Reliable processing as error-prone mechanical sample changing is avoided
  • Reduced replacement costs, as sample tubes are not exposed to chemicals
  • Convenient and smooth sample rack loading

Reach out to new Kjeldahl dimensions

Complete your portfolio


KjelMaster K-375

Steam distillation
and titration


Scrubber K-415



KjelLink PC software

Data management