Content - Distillation Unit K-350 / K-355

Distillation Unit K-350 / K-355

Entry level Kjeldahl analysis and beyond

Perform Kjeldahl nitrogen or protein determinations compliant to officially approved methods in the most cost effective way. Expand your range of applications with the additional features of the K-355.

Your most important benefits


KjelMaster K-375
  • Entry level instrument for Kjeldahl and other steam distillations
  • Eco-friendly cooling water control reduces water consumption
  • Plastic splash protector for extended lifetime



Ease of use

KjelMaster K-375
  • Simple programming of distillation parameters
  • Straightforward operation and calibration of reagent pumps
  • Multiple method recall for routine analysis with the K-355



Wide-range use

KjelMaster K-375
  • Acid resistant pump allows additional steam distillation applications
  • Reduction of steam power for gentle steam distillation
  • Choice of plastic or glass splash protector

Voice of the customer

"The call-out times are very short, that was the deciding factor that made us choose BUCHI."

Pascal Racaud / SAUR France /


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